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  • The IST SB-9 Diver Below Buoy is a safety float buoy designed to ensure diver safety during underwater activities. Here are some key features of this buoy:

    • Dimension: The buoy measures 181 x 13.5 cm (approximately 71.2" x 5.3").
    • Material: It is made from 75D TPU coated Nylon.
    • Purpose: The buoy serves as a signaling device to indicate the presence of divers underwater. It helps prevent potential collisions by alerting boat captains and other divers that there are divers in the water.

    IST aims to manufacture safe, reliable, and high-quality diving products at an affordable price for divers worldwide.

    So, if you’re planning underwater adventures, the IST SB-9 Diver Below Buoy can help keep divers safe and visible! 🌊🤿

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