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Foggy Mask Lens is a common problem and a very annoying situation for every diver.
The anti-fog spray may temporarily solve the problem, but it has to be applied on each dive.

ISTʼs newest technology in Anti-Fog Lens Film makes you no longer have foggy mask problems!

Prior to the first time using, simply remove the matte protective film inside of the mask. Rinse with water before each dive for a better experience. Treat with care, avoid of cut, scratch and high temperature. Clean with fresh water instead of detergent and cleanser.


  • Special tube and seal system automatically equalizes ear pressure as diver exhales into mask
  • Prevents pressure-induced ear ache (barotrauma)
  • Enhanced underwater hearing and sense of direction
  • Watertight ear cups keep water out to keep ears warm and prevent infection
  • Available with optical prescription lens as specs.