IST JT30D Single Tank Tech BCD

IST JT30D Single Tank Tech BCD

  • ₱24,500.00
  • Save ₱10,500

  • These are complete single tank BCDs with hydro-dynamic doughnut style air cells. They have a narrow frontal profile to really improve streamlining in the water when in swimming position. The minimalistic harness also give more chest room for easier access to attachments and better manoeuvrability underwater. The maximum size of scuba cylinder can be used is a single 15L (95cft).


JT30D - Stainless steel plate (BP3) + deluxe harness, 30lbs-lift air cell (JT-30)

Components include:

  • HB-2: Deluxe harness & buckle set
  • HB-3: Crotch strap set
  • HB-4: Back plate & pouch
  • HB4-SCREW SET: Plate pad harware
  • HD-30H: BCD handle
  • JT-WP7*2: Tech BCD weught pockets
  • BP-3: Stainless steel back plate
  • JT-30: Single bladder air cell + IF - Tech standard tech BCD power inflator + LP-BC low pressure hoses
  • TAD-1: Single tank adaptor
  • BP-2*2: Tank belt