IST JT-30 Wing only 30lbs

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It's designed for single tank use.
The air cell is extremely streamlined and its frontal width (as the diver assumes swimming position) is barely wider than an average person's shoulders.

  • Low pressure BC hose included.
  • Style: Circular doughnut
  • Bouyancy capacity: 30lbf (13.6kgf)
  • Bladder material: 420D TPU coated nylon
  • Shell material: 1680D TPU coated nylon
  • Inflator length: 16'' (40.6cm)(tech elbow)
  • No. of automatic pressure relieve valve / pull dump: 1 (at left waist side)
  • Mounting grommets distance (C-C): 3 sets in total, 11”(27.9cm)
  • For single back mount tank only (100cuft / 15L internal volume)


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