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New concept arm carrying extra ball-joint(s) besides both ends. Only with additional "Clamp III", another arm is attached on the middle of a Multi Ball Arm as like diverging a branch to create multiple strobe/LED flashlight system like a tree diagram.
Six different effective lengths (center to center distance between both ends balls) from 120mm/4.7in (Multi Ball Arm SS) to 440mm/17.3in (Multi Ball Arm XL) are available. Multi Ball Arm L and XL have total four ball-joints. As same as Stick Arms, Multi Ball Arms carry various functions with wide range of optional accessories.


  • Full length: 171mm (6.7in)
  • Effective length: 150mm (5.9in)
  • Weight: 70g (2.5oz) [air] / approx.42g (1.5oz) [underwater]
  • Compatible accessory:
     - M5 Joint + Shoe Base Spacer
     - M6 Joint + Direct Base III
     - M6 Joint + Direct Base YS RT



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