INON MEGA FLOAT TUBE M (Buoyancy: 500g/17.6oz) [underwater]

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The Carbon Telescopic Arm is composed of two or three arm sections that allow you to have any desired length easily and quickly by loosening/tightening the lock dial only at the half turn. Each arm section is made of multilayer carbon fiber pipe for lightweight and durability.

The Carbon Telescopic Arm simplifies the lighting system and makes the camera system more compact comparing to the conventional arm system which requires multiple arms connecting with clamps to adjust the distance between the camera and strobe/light. Additionally, the Carbon Telescopic Arm can be used as an adjustable stick for an action camera such as GoPro® to shoot selfies or follow shot. Also usable as tripod legs for INON UW Tripod Hub. Four different lengths of Carbon Telescopic Arm products are available for different applications.

Exclusively designed for Carbon Telescopic Arm to generate extraordinary buoyancy underwater with weather resistant ABS material which carries lower specific gravity, and hollow design. Maximum two Mega Float Tubes can be attached on both ends of the Carbon Telescopic Arm. The Float Tube is designed to screw on Carbon Telescopic Arm and fixed with the dedicated lock ring.
The Float Tube can hold a Lens Holder for Float Arm or a Shoe Base Spacer on its side.



M – 109mm

  • Buoyancy: 500g (17.6oz) [underwater]
  • Weight: 203g (7.2oz) [air]
  • Outer diameter: 103mm (4.0in)
  • Full length: 109mm (4.3in)


  • Carbon Telescopic Arm S/M/L


  • Lens Holder for Float Arm
  • Shoe Base Spacer


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