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Powerful 700 lumen beam with practical burn time:

  • The LE700-W is sole use for underwater and runs on 3 x AA batteries which are easily obtainable yet provides "25% plus" brighter than predecessor model(*1) with on-board Cree high-power LED "XM-L". The rated practical burn time with "eneloop pro" (HR-3UWX) rechargeable batteries, is "approx. 75 minutes" (*3).
  • Wide beam coverage 75° with standard color filters
  • The LE700-W carries specially designed reflector to produce wide and seamless 75° beam coverage which is ideal for photography and videography application together with standard accessory of the LE700-W including three "Filter LE" in red/pink/orange to change color tone.
  • Wide variety of accessories supports photographic needs
  • As same as current "LE series" LED flashlight products, wide range of optional accessories are available including "light holders" to gear up an LED flashlight and arm to create a system for photography/videography.
  • Durable with flood-free structure
  • The LE700-W has a simple rotary switch with stopper function to ensure you with reliable ON/OFF operation and greatly reduces flooding risk as batteries are loaded from other end of the light body.

  • No worries to turn the switch too much underwater.
  • The light head and battery box are made from aluminum alloy carrying corrosion resistance in seawater for ultra durability.
  • Gold coated electrical contacts provide maintenance free for standard use conditions.
  • Interchangeable Light Head

  • Other 3AA battery operated LE series products
  • (*4) Light Head can be used instead of original Light Head
  • (*5). If you already own 3AA operated LE series flashlight, "LE700-W Light Head" is available to purchase to change original Light Head of your LE series flashlight to use as LE700-W.
  • (*4) LE700-W / LE700-S / LE550-W / LE550-S / LE250 as of August 2012.
  • (*5) The LE240 runs on 2 x AA thus not usable its Light Head in combination with battery box of LE700-W / LE700-S / LE550-W / LE550-S / LE250.

Compatible options [Holders]
  • Single Light Holder LE
  • Double Light Holder LE
  • Quad Light Holder LE
  • Strobe Light Holder LE
  • Bar Mount
  • Red Filter LE (*6)
  • Pink Filter LE (*6)
  • Orange Filter LE (*6)
  • Light Case LE 3AA