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  • Our longest stereo fins for deep freediving and for competition in dynamic apnea. The propulsion consist of large kicks with a great economy of gesture. Composite blades to stock up on maximum energy throughout the bending.
  • (Medium, Dynamic and Constant Weight Apnea)
  • Technology : prepreg curing process
  • Fabric : E-glass
  • Resin : epoxy
  • Performance : 30 to 40% more responsive than plastic AST
    • Height of blade : 820 mm
    • Width of blade : 200 mm
    • Surface area of the pair of blades : 2880 cm2
    • Flat blade for made-to-measure footpocket (free heel)
    • Blade with an angle of 15° to fit in full footpocket
    • Weight with made-to-measure footpocket = 1,5kg
    • Weight with full footpocket = 1,9kg
    • T-shaped sections along the edges to ensure a good drive and a channeling of the water

4 kinds of varying hardness that are most likely to suit your style and body type :
 : Soft blade, dynamic apnea
820B3EG : Medium blade, dynamic and constant weight apnea
820B4EG : Hard blade, constant weight apnea
820B5EG : Very hard blade, constant weight apnea for strong men (90kg+)