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BEUCHAT PMT SET NO LIMIT (Mundial One-50 + Shark Mask + Spy Snorkel SET)

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NO LIMIT set in reference to the film the brand is partnering with: A pair of fins, a mask and a snorkel sold in a mesh bag.

High-performance and versatile PMT set, ideal for freediving but also for spearfishing and snorkelling.


- MUNDIAL ONE50 FINS: Multi-purpose fins with a fixed blade. Beuchat's world-renowned comfort!

- SHARK MASK : Super low volume mask offering a large field of vision. This product is made of ultra clear HD lens for a perfect rendering with improved colours and contrast.

- TUBA SPY: Angled snorkel with silicone mouthpiece. This product has a simple and effective attachment system.


- Set sold in a mesh bag

- fin sizes from 37 to 45

- 2 colours available: black or deep blue.