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✔️ Main compartment with netting for ventilation and has zip fasteners with eyelets for padlocks.
✔️ Designed to hold spearfishing equipment, especially:

• A suit
• Very large long fins - up to 100 cm (this compartment is 
6 cm higher than the previous version)
• A mask 
• A snorkel
• A belt
• A knife
• Accessories
✔️ Secondary compartment
• Secondary cooler-type compartment (outer pocket) for 
storing cold drinks or fish
✔️ Transport of spearguns
• Side stowage system for two spearguns
• Each speargun is secured by two elastic cords
✔️ Lateral compression straps to reduce the volume of the bag when empty.
✔️ Outer zigzag elastic cord for quick storage, e.g. of a bath towel.
✔️ Side carry handle
✔️ Strap height is modifiable by way of two positioning options for the top of the straps and by adjusting the shoulder harness
✔️ Wear resistant bottom
✔️ Reflective imprint on front to ensure visibility when carried on a motorcycle, bike, or on foot.

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