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The tri-material Libeccio Sport full foot fin is made of elastomer (foot pocket), polymer (ribs) and technopolymer (blade). Intended for regular free divers, this fin presents considerable advantages for multi-activity free diving. The flexible and powerful blade combined with its supple foot pocket procure a sensation of outstanding finstroke comfort.

Product pluses:

• Libeccio - range of free diving fins.
• Tri-material
• Performance
• Comfort
• Removable blade

Libeccio Sport full foot fin:

Materials: Tri-material
Foot pocket: elastomer for improved comfort
Blade: technopolymer for finstroke power
Blade length: 70cm
Removable blade
lengthwise blade guides for improved control of the fin
extension of the blade under the foot pocket for better energy transmission
Blade angle: 22° for better finstroke comfort
Foot pocket: super comfortable Beuchat dive socks (recognized worldwide)
Foot pocket reinforcements: instep
Foot pocket heel piece: yes, for easy fitting
Dimensions in size 42/43: length: 70cm, Width 22cm, Height: 5cm
Weight: 1040 g
Available sizes: 39/40 - 41/42 - 43/44 - 45/46 - 47/48