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  • You want some minimal warmth, say .5 mm neoprene’s-worth. Yet, you don’t to have the confining feel of neoprene in tropical environments. Or, you want some Spandex under your wetsuit as a layering garment.
  • Wearing a Dive Skin under and with your normal wetsuit will keep you much warmer than without.
  • The Dive Skin will retain the water that enters your wetsuit and keeps it from flushing. Result: Your body heat is retained.
  • Really comfortable, really easy to don and doff and a real bargain.
  • IST DS20 Women's Spandex Dive Skin Really comfortable, really easy to don and doff and a real bargain
  • Spandex Dive Skin Protection from the Sun and marine creatures
  • Super Stretch Material for Comfort Easy to put on and take off
  • Extremely easy to put on/take off
  • Tall Neck for Extra Protection Stir-up Heel and Thumb Loops to Stop Roll Up
  • Front Zip for Easy Entry Around 0.5mm Thickness


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