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The Bigblue AL1300XWP Extra Wide Angle LED Torch is the perfect all round torch that is still a respectable size yet has bucketloads of power to give. This torch features a massive 120 degree beam that is perfect to use with a camera to get that perfect shot or to use whilst exploring the ocean and needing to light up those dark tricky to see places.

The torch features 1300 Lumens at 6500k Color temperature, paired with an extra large 120 degree beam angle with no visible edge. It has the classic 18650 rechargeable battery that is known for its quality and good burn time. It has 4 power settings to increase the battery life and an aluminum housing giving this torch durability when you need it. It has a 100 meter depth rating and comes with a clip for easy camera system setup. This Extra wide angle LED Torch from Bigblue won't let you down next time you're out and about in the water.

Bigblue AL1300XWP Extra Wide Angle LED Torch Features:

  • 1300 Lumens at 6500k Color temperature
  • Extra Large 120 degree beam angle with no visible edge
  • 18650 Rechargeable battery giving you 2 hours on the highest setting
  • Four power setting to reduce the intensity and increase battery life.
  • 100 meter depth rating
  • Aluminum Housing