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The Beuchat SEA BUFF is an essential preparer for a new diving mask.

  • Special formula for the preparation of diving masks, which fog continuously, whether they are new or old.
  • It carefully removes the residue accumulated on the lenses during the manufacture of your new diving mask, or your old masks (if they have never been treated & they constantly fog up).
  • One treatment is enough.
  • The SEA BUFF is also perfect for cleaning diving slates.

The Beuchat Sea Buff™ is THE must-have SOLUTION for divers looking for clear visibility and an optimal diving experience.

Designed specifically for new or old diving masks that need revitalization, this NEW MASK PREPARER offers an effective solution against constant fogging.

Its special preparation formula works by removing silicone residue from the mask skirt, which tends to migrate onto the mask glass during manufacturing.

By removing these residues, the Sea Buff™ allows the anti-fog treatments to work really effectively, ensuring clear vision underwater.

While a single initial treatment is usually sufficient, it is recommended to perform regular cleaning with Sea Buff™ to remove dirt, algae, mold, and other contaminants that may interfere with the performance of anti-fog devices.

In addition to its use on diving masks, the Sea Buff™ is also perfect for cleaning dive slates, ensuring optimal clarity when communicating underwater.

Opt for the Beuchat Sea Buff™ and enjoy crystal clear visibility on every dive.



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