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  • Full-face mask

Full-face mask that shows the entire face, thus allowing snorkellers to communicate more effectively underwater or explore their talent for underwater photography more comfortably.

The full-face snorkelling mask allows divers to breathe underwater without keeping the snorkel in the mouth. Users can in fact breathe normally as if they were out of the water through the nose or the mouth, without undue difficulty.

The mask is equipped with an anti-misting system: When breathing out, the air passes through the sides of the snorkelling mask, preventing the formation of mist.

  • Lens

The SMILE + has a single lens with sloping edges, from forehead to chin, thus ensuring panoramic 180° vision.

  • Skirt

The skirt of the mask is made of soft hypoallergenic silicon to suit all face sizes and shapes.

  • Strap

The elasticated textile strap does not pull at the hair and is micro-adjustable by the four buckles located conveniently around the face. In addition, the rear clip allows the mask to be positioned easily and offers improved comfort.

  • Foldaway snorkel

The snorkel incorporates an optimized folding system. The snorkel is an integral part of the mask, which reduces the risk of forgetting the snorkel at home or leaving it on the beach.

The tube is visible above the water during the snorkelling session. The bright orange colour ensures the snorkel can be seen by people on the surface nearby.

In addition, during transportation, the mask with the folded snorkel takes up less room in the travel bag.

  • Technical characteristics

- Full-face mask that allows divers to breathe through the nose or the mouth when underwater

- Anti-mist lens

- Convenient chin-level dump

- The Smile + has a single lens with sloping edges from forehead to chin, thus ensuring panoramic 180° vision

- Hypoallergenic silicon skirt

- Highly adjustable elasticated textile strap which does not pull at the hair

- Clip at the back of the head for improved comfort.

- Folding snorkel, orange for better visibility on the surface

- Attachment for GoPro type camera

- Comes with a mesh travel bag

- Dimensions (sizes S/M): Width: 20 cm, Height: 42 cm, Depth: 17 cm

- Weight: 595 g

- Available sizes: XS (Junior) & S/M,