Beuchat Argo Board

  • ₱11,970.00
  • Save ₱4,830

Improve your safety and carry up your equipment with ARGO BOARD 

  • Designed to carry up equipment, safety and assist in the swim
  • Improve safety: Bright red color, red and white safety flag, allows the spearfisher to rest up between dives
  • Offers a high swimming position with a better visibility
  • Inflatable swim cushion integral to rear section 2 forward hand grips for a comfortable swim position
  • Mesh storage bag (on the inflatable cushion) with zip fastener
  • Large forward area (37cm x 30cm) with adjustable elastic retaining strap plus six 25mm Delrin snap rings and reinforced bottom
  • High resistance : 500 deniers tri-laminate PVC
  •  2 replaceable inner bladders in PVC
  • Dimensions : 62x95cm