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  • Polar Pro GoPro HERO3+ / HERO4 Neutral Density Venture 3+ Filter (P1004)
  • BRAND NEW! Wobble correction and Dynamic Motion Blur for your GoPro camera! For sale this superb Polar Pro Venture 3+ Neutral Density Filter for GoPro HERO3+ & HERO4 cameras.
  • This fits both models of camera when in their standard outer housing / waterproof housing (see below).
  • Neutral Density filters are a great tool to use when filming when filming in high speed environments.
  • This will correct drone wobble and motorsports vibration, as well as adding a stylish motion blur to your footage!
  • This is the most lightweight and least impactful filter for use in high speed environments.
  • It sits flush against your outer housing lens, and can be simply popped on or off whenever needed!
  • Glass Lens For Optimal Clarity Secure Push-On Design for quick and easy install / removal Snaps On/Off Seamlessly Slows Down the cameras Shutter Speed Eliminates the ‘Jelly-Effect’ and wobble from high speed vibration Illustrates-high speed movement by introducing smooth motion blur Perfect for drones, aviation, boardsports and motorsports
  • Best used when filming high speed action! Includes Filter, Tether and Storage Bag This filter fits GoPro 40m standard waterproof outer housings that have no silver screws around the square black outer lens area. It will not fit GoPro 60m ‘dive’ outer housings that do have silver screws around the outer lens area. 
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