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  • Polypropylene dive shorts / rash guard shorts
  • Lightweight, stretchy, comfortable, non-buoyant and non-absorbent material with soft, flannel-like interior surface
  • Flat-stitched seams prevent chafing
  • Perfect for use as dive skin shorts in warm to temperate water, can be layered under a shorty or jumpsuit for cold water dives or by those who are sensitive to neoprene
  • Cleans with a fresh water rinse, non-absorbent material air dries in a flash

IST WP2P Polypropylene Warm Water Dive Shorts / Rash Guard Shorts are constructed of polypropylene: a lightweight, stretchy, comfortable, non-buoyant and non-absorbent material.

These properties make our line of polypropylene exposure pieces ideal for the tropical to warm water diver to use alone like a dive skin, or for use as a wetsuit under layer in cool to cold water conditions. 

Also great for use as a shorty under layer for those whose skin is sensitive to neoprene.

Interior, flannel-like surface is soft against the skin and helps retain heat.  Flat-stitched seams prevent chafing.  WP2P can be layered under a shorty or jumpsuit when you’re ready to head to colder waters.  

Offers protection from jellyfish stings, brushes against fire coral, and the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Back at the surface, clean with a fresh water rinse, roll up and press to remove excess water, then allow to air dry out of direct sun---since polypropylene is non-absorbent, it won’t take long! 



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