IST SBR-2 Stage Bottle Rigging Ø 177-184mm

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.IST Dolphin Tech Stage Bottle Rigging allows for setting up of a stage bottle to be carried alongside the torso.
.Sturdy rubber bands with pull tabs are designed for use with 7 – 7.25 inch diameter cylinder
.The heavy duty stainless steel pipe band is enclosed in a nylon sleeve to protect the cylinder’s surface finish.
.Lengthwise 1 inch nylon webbing strap offers a swivelling spring snap clip at each end.
.All metal parts are constructed of marine grade, corrosion resistant stainless steel.
.Perfect for cave and wreck divers.


.For Cylinder 177mm~184mm(7”~7.25”)

.Webbing: 2.5cm(1”) nylon webbing

.Snaps and cylinder band: Stainless steel