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Regulator designed for diving in temperate or cold waters.

Compact high performance regulator

• Venturi and sensitivity adjustable

• Anti freeze 1st and 2nd stage

• Super soft braided hose

• Diaphragm 1st stage with compensate and adjustable 2nd stage

• The diaphragm 1st stage designed to deliver high flow down to deep water- It is fitted with the Beuchat patented « anti-freeze system ».

• It has 4MP ports and 2 HP ports

• The second stage is balanced and adjustable

• The venturi flow is also adjustable

• The second stage is fitted with a thermal exchanger which protect the system from freezing during cold water dives.

• The VR200 Evolution is fitted with a super soft braided hose

• The VR200 Evolution is a high performance regulator working up to 300 bars pressure which is not so common on the market.

• It design make it very stable down to 100 meters depth.

• It has very high performances in cold or temperate waters

• It complies with EN 250 standards - 80m

• VR200 Yoke : 1151 gr - VR200 DIN : 977 gr