• ₱19,530.00
  • Save ₱8,370

  • Regulator designed for diving in temperate or cold water
  • First stage compensated by diaphragm with 4 MP ports and 2 HP ports
  • Compact and efficient first stage
  • Fitted with Beuchat patented anti-frost system and interchangeable seat
  • Balanced second stage
  • Flexible casing with large purge button
  • Venturi control
  • Checked and adjusted individually on a specialized hyperbaric test bench

    The VRT90 represents the best quality-price ratio with excellent performances

    1st stage
  •  Pneumatically over-balanced diaphragm design (increasing LP when decreasing HP)
  •  Designed for cold waters with patented Beuchat anti-freezing system
  •  Adjustable LP
  •  removable valve seat
  •  4 MP ports 3/8
  •  2 HP ports 7/16
  •  Optimum hoses orientation
  •  Ergonomic Din and yoke wheels
  •  Din and yoke dust cap
  •  Polyurethane LP hose
  •  Compact
  •  Black chrome brass body
  •  Reduced weight

    2nd stage
  •  Pneumatically balanced second stage results in a high-comfort breathing
  •  Variable adjustment orifice
  •  Brass regulation body for a better anti-freezing efficiency
  •  Polyurethane LP valve (with memory effect)
  •  Soft cover for a larger purge surface
  •  Cover with lateral water entry to reduce water dynamic effect on the diaphragm
  •  Lateral venturi lever to adjust inspiration assistance (pre-dive and dive position). Avoid the free-flow effect when the second stage is not used.
  •  Large silicone exhaust valve
  •  Compact exhaust deflector
  •  Simple and easy to maintain
  •  Mouth comfort with silicone mouthpiece
  •  Robustness of the housing